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What is The One?
This is a service where you can meet Japanese women who live in Japan. Face-to-face dating will be available in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, but online dating is also available.

1.Apply For The Registration Screening
To ensure that people meet safely and securely, we conduct screening at the time of registration.
2. Tell Our Staff About Your Type
Before matching, our staff will ask you about what you are looking for in a partner.
3. Confirm The Date And Time
The One will introduce you to a partner who matches your expectations.
4. Simply Go To The Date Location! 
The time and place of your date will be adjusted automatically.

Pre-register for the launch of the service in Nov. 2021 or later! ※Free first date bonus.

Brian, 27 - Sales Manager From France

After I came to Japan, I was looking for a dating partner, but I couldn't find one. Through “The One”, I'm happy to be able to date attractive Japanese women.

Mark, 34 - Software Developer From The US

I was shy and was wondering how to get along with Japanese women. With this service ”The One” , I was able to learn about their common interests before we met, so I was able to get to know right away.

The One は国籍やバックグラウンドの壁を超えた国際恋愛を応援するマッチングサービス です。The One is an international dating service supports dating across nationalities and backgrounds.